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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  What should I do if I need to change my students dismissal?

A:  Please visit our website in the dismissal change section or simply send an email to [email protected] indicating what the change is and which dates you need it.  You may also send a note with your student to the front office.


Q:  What should I do if my student will miss school?

A:  Please call 904-547-4180  and report the absence to our attendance line.  Please make sure to send a note with your student upon return to excuse the absence.  Please see pages 18-20 of our student handbook for any questions or concerns on attendance.


Q:  What if I need to add an emergency contact to my students list?

A:  Please contact Tara Tacinelli in registration 904-547-4164 and she will email a Additional Contacts Form to you or she can send home a paper copy for your to return with your student.  You may also fax it back to 904-547-4165 if you wish.