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About Our School

Picolata Crossing students in lime green shirts

Picolata Crossing Elementary opened its doors to the students and families of central Saint Johns County in 2017. In alignment with the district’s mission, PCES is focused on inspiring good character and a passion for lifelong learning in all students, creating educated and caring contributors to the world.

PCES faculty and staff provide an exceptional education that leads to a well-rounded individual who demonstrates good character, leadership, and critical thinking. Throughout the school, we learn and grow in the ABCs -Academics, Behavior, and Character Counts.

Pumas work towards high expectations while participating in the events and activities that create lasting memories. From broadcasting the morning news, running the Puma Power Course, or driving in for a movie on the inflatable movie screen, PCES provides memorable moments that Pumas remember for a lifetime.

Photo collage of events at Picolata Crossing Elementary School