General Information and Permission Form

Dear Parents,

We’d like to welcome you and your child to Picolata Crossing Elementary Media Center. We are so happy that you are a part of the Picolata family! Here in the media center, your child will gain a learning experience that encourages learners to be skilled creators of information with collaborative activities. Our program will include information literacy skills, digital citizenship for ethical technology use, and literature appreciation.

General information
1. The media center will be open each day from 8:30 A.M. until 2:30 P.M.
2. Students in kindergarten may check out one book after library etiquette and procedures are fully taught (after four weeks).
3. Students in first grade may check out one book the full school year.
4. Students in second and third grade may check out two books. At least one book should be on their reading level.
5. Students in fourth and fifth grade may check out four books. At least two books should be fiction and at least two books should be nonfiction. All books should be on their reading level.
6. Students may check out books until their next media resource day but are encouraged to return any finished books as soon as possible for others enjoyment. Books can be renewed for one cycle. Overdue notices are sent home as needed to remind students that their book(s) need to be returned.
7. Lost or damaged books must be replaced at the expense of the student. Books still missing at the end of the school year must be replaced or payment for the book must be made. Students who fail to return or pay for lost or damaged books will lose the privilege of checking out books from the media center. Refunds will be given for any book which was paid for and found before the last day of school, May 24, 2018. After that date, no refunds can be made.

Thank you for your assistance, and we look forward to teaching your child.
Ms. Dana Benton, Library Media Specialist
Ms. Rebecca Hughes, Library Media Clerk
Students are responsible for keeping their library materials safe. Lost and/or damaged items can be paid by check or cash. Please detach and return only if you DO NOT want your child to check out materials from the media center. Please feel free to contact Ms. Benton or Ms. Hughes with any questions or concerns at: 904-547-4175.

Please fill out and return to your child’s classroom teacher.

I have read the media center rules and I DO NOT want my child to check out library materials from the library media center.
Student name: _______________________________ Grade: _______________________
Classroom teacher: ___________________________ Date: ________________________
Parent signature: _____________________________